If you have cancer, get a flu shot

What Cancer Patients, Survivors, and Caregivers Should Know About the Flu

Living with cancer increases your risk for complications from influenza ("flu"). If you have cancer now or have had cancer in the past, you are at higher risk for complications from the seasonal flu or influenza, including hospitalization and death. To help prepare you for the flu this season, CDC answers some of your most important questions about special considerations for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers for the flu. 

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Health Tip Sheets

One of the most dangerous side effects of chemotherapy is developing a low white blood cell count that can increase your chance for getting an infection. Below you can find helpful tips on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of an infection as well as how to help prevent infection. While we recommend completing the RISK ASSESSMENT first, you can also browse the Tip Sheets below or click on the PDF button to print. Remember, you can print any of the Tip Sheets by clicking on the PDF button.

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Education Materials

CDC created a variety of resources for patients and healthcare providers, including a quick reference sheet, fact sheets, posters, and videos.

"I never thought seriously about the risk of infection until I was hospitalized and unable to fight a fever. It’s so important to understand what steps you can take to help protect yourself."Donna Deegan, News AnchorBreast Cancer Survivor 

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