Materials for Healthcare Providers

A variety of educational materials were created to help raise awareness about the importance of preventing infections during cancer treatment as well a the role cancer screenings in play preventing cancer. In addition, a wide range of expert resources was used to develop this program, including relevant websites, medical journals, and guidelines. There are a number of ways to use these resources:

  • Include them in your patients’ chemotherapy educational information;
  • Review the materials with your patients prior to their first chemotherapy session;
  • Display the posters in patient waiting areas and/or healthcare staff lounge;
  • Link your website to these resources;
  • Direct your patients to this website;
  • Distribute at health fairs.

Many of the materials listed below may be downloaded, viewed, copied, and distributed without alteration. The materials with an asterisk (*) beside them are available to order free of charge. Click here to order free copies of many of these materials from CDC-INFO (scroll down to "Preventing Infections in Cancer Patients" in the Programs window). 


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  • For more information about this program, please visit CDC's website.

Continuing Education


Education Materials

CDC created a variety of resources for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers, including fact sheets and posters.

"I never thought seriously about the risk of infection until I was hospitalized and unable to fight a fever. It’s so important to understand what steps you can take to help protect yourself."Donna Deegan, News AnchorBreast Cancer Survivor 

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