Educational Materials

A variety of educational materials were created to help raise awareness about the importance of preventing infections in cancer patients. In addition, a wide range of expert resources was used to develop this program, including relevant Websites, medical journals, and guidelines.

Educational Materials

To help raise awareness about the importance of preventing infections in cancer patients, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created the following materials for patients & caregivers and healthcare providers.

Many of the materials listed below may be downloaded, viewed, copied, and distributed without alteration. The materials with an asterisk (*) beside them are available to order free of charge.

Click here to order free copies of many of these materials from CDC-INFO (scroll down to "Preventing Infections in Cancer Patients" in the Programs window). 


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There are a number of ways to use the current Preventing Infections in Cancer Patients resources. The fact sheets and brochure are intended to be handed out to patients and caregivers. Some other examples include distribution of brochures at health fairs, displaying posters in patient waiting areas and/or healthcare staff lounges, and linking your facilities Website to these resources.

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  • For more information about this program, please visit CDC's website.

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Education Materials

CDC created a variety of resources for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers, including fact sheets and posters.

"I never thought seriously about the risk of infection until I was hospitalized and unable to fight a fever. It’s so important to understand what steps you can take to help protect yourself."Donna Deegan, News AnchorBreast Cancer Survivor 

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